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High Yield Management, Inc. offers products for use by our customers to develop their own in-house training programs on invaluable topics for company owners and sales and marketing personnel, including our hottest topic, How to Sell at Highter Prices than your Competetors.

DVDs Title DVDs
Larry Steinmetz's powerful seminars are now available for in-house training with these 8-Disc, 12 1/2 hour DVD collection.

Presented in Larry's style of down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, tell-it-like-it-is language to give skills that can be used every day by the viewers.

Raising Prices and Making them Stick
It is always a tough call to raise prices. Actually, the really tough part is waiting to see what happens when you do raise prices. This presentation by Larry Steinmetz addresses these issues and the more important task of How to Make Your Higher Prices Stick once you do raise your price.

Books Title CDs

Larry Steinmetz designed these audio CDs to maximize the results for the listening audience intent upon learning the strategies and tactics that make a successful sales representative.

Both sets of CDs are excellent for the travelling salesperson.

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Books Title
Larry Steinmetz's highly popular books for Sales and Marketing personnel. Readers will gain the skills, knowledge, and courage to sell their products and services at top dollar!

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